About Hunt & Gather Grocer™ 


Another new boho girl just joined in!

Hunt and Gather Grocer™ is here to stay!  It's not only for those fashionistas out there who love mixing the old with the new with the perfect accessory to a gypsy style and a boho look. 

Founded by entrepreneur Christina Scotson, Hunt and Gather Grocer™ was born in Coolangatta, Queensland from a dream that sparked a change.  In May 2017, 'Hunt and Gather Grocer™ began to flow through social media platforms. 

Hunt and Gather Grocer™ gives the green light to like-minded people to discontinue using plastic bags by providing a decent alternative. We welcome you to Join a culture of individuals who hold environmental values and understand that our choices impact the world.

Hunt and Gather Grocer™ empowers people to give back to the earth, to connect, to discuss, and to share knowledge about sustainable living and more.