Ocean Cleanup 

" I think it's all been said many times before,  If you've thought about living your life without producing any rubbish is impossible, It is not!  I have changed the way I do things after educating myself; I believe plastic doesn't have a place in tomorrow's world."


Discarded plastic has contributed to the creation of a million-square-mile garbage vortex in the Pacific Ocean.


Shame on the parents and grandparents give their kids and grand-kids a bunch of  plastic instead of gifts that matter.


Cheap plastic is made mostly of fossil fuels.


You often can’t recycle plastic, and if you can, it’s damned hard


Fish, animals, and birds eat our plastic.


Plastic is our friend — and our kids’ friend — for life.


Your plastic is gathered into massive recycling bundles and shipped overseas.


Our plastic has a no soul.


Plastic is just bad for humanity.



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How will we will rid the oceans of plastic 

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"Change how you do things"