Day 1 

Reusable bag

Day 2

Ditch the plastic water bottle 

Day 3 

Stop using straws

Day 4 

Reduce take-away

Day 5

Stop using paper towels 

Day 6

Reusable cup for your coffee


Day 7

Buy in bulk 

Day 8

Bring your own cutlery

Day 9

Tin Containers 

Day 10

Learn how to compost

Day 11

Visit a farmers market 

Day 12

No junk mail please

Day 13

Op shop

Day 14

Grow your own veggies 

Day 15

Home efficiency

Day 16

Eco period / Moon cup

Day 17

Line dry

Day 18

Bath time 

Day 19 

Colder Shorter Shower 

Day 20

Put on a sweater 

Day 21

Start a carpool

Day 22

Get a green thumb

Day 23

Eat less meat

Day 25

Lace up your sneakers / Walk

Day 26

Go outside


Day 27

Cool down naturally


Ban the plastic bag


Keep doing what you can

Day 30

Celebrate breaking old habits

Christina Scotson