Sustainable Fashion


"Look good"

"Do good"

"Feel Good"

"If you pay a little more we can live a little better"

Buy less, Choose well , Make it last 



"Clothes wont change the world but the people who wear them will"

"Every time you spend money you a casting a vote towards the kind of world you want" 



learn about where your items come from and if the workers are fairly treated 


Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Choose organic, natural and biodegradable materials over toxic syntectic plastic materials 


Choose Quality 

Buy well-made items that are made to last over cheap items made for dispensability 


Bring a reusable bag 

Say no to extra packaging, some shops like to wrap items in tissue paper but this is just wasteful


Wash less 

Much of the clothing's environmental impact occurs after purchase. Only wash when needed


Make it last 

Treat your items with love and care so that they will last longer and you won't need to shop as regularly 


Christina Scotson