As many of you know, Tia Hansen not only rules the face of Hunt and Gather Grocer. She's also the up the up and coming Model for ethical and environmentally friendly fashion in Australia.

"Oh yeah, and she's  🥁🔥🔥🔥 "


"As a warrior of light, my task is to keep your heart open to cultivate your conscious mind to help the earth and to help others ‘survive’ the transition we’re going through"


Q: What country do you call home

The sunny Gold Coast, Australia


Q: We love your name, does your name have a special meaning or are you named after someone

My name derives from Greek mythology and represents a goddess or princess. It's also related to Egyptian mythology and means ''Aunty'' in Spanish. My dad actually named me after reading one of his favorite books - Tia was a nickname given to the main character who was a goddess in this book. 

Q: What country do you call home

The sunny Gold Coast, Australia

Q : Where do you want to travel to 

Europe and Southwest America are definitely on my to go lists at the moment! I crave adventure and can't wait to explore both places

Q: What is your favourite element

Air , Earth, Fire, Water Water! I love the ocean and consider myself a serious water baby. You'll always find me at the beach or exploring coastlines and the fact that we have so much to learn about the ocean, sea life and it's wonders intrigues me. I guess being a Pisces also contributes to my love for everything H2O

Q: What is your Chinese astrology animal

The year of the dog. I love the meanings and characteristics behind this. We're loyal, honest, considerate and reliable - all traits I believe I portray in my personality + I have an undying love for our 4 legged fur babies! 

Q: What is your favourite lucky number

3 and 7 - though I don't have a lot of luck on my side anyway ha-ha



Q: What is your star sign


The mysterious and intuitive Pisces


Q: Where will we find you

Anywhere where's the water or nature I'm always at the beach or exploring a national park a road trip away. I also go exploring with my dog locally - we love visiting new parks and walking tracks! 

Q: Tell Us your fitness routine

HIT is definitely my fave but I like to change things up and will alternate with weight training. I also try and make sure I get at least one yoga class a week and totally zen out! 

Q: What is your Favorite summer must have item

Definitely Hunt and Gather Grocer bag! It's versatile, durable and stylish! I can fill it up with my summer essentials or my favourite summer fruit

Q: What is your spirit animal

Dolphin - the simple fact that they're free but have the security of staying with their pod. They're intelligent and such amazing creatures

Q: What is your favourite crystal

Amethyst - maybe because it is my birthstone and favourite colour. I also love it's healing and power properties

Q: What do you love about modelling, and what are you excited you about modelling and slow fashion

I love being able to express myself as an individual. It gives me opportunities to explore my boundaries and understand the links between my mind, body and creating art.

I appreciate the hard work that goes into producing a label or product considered slow fashion. It is rewarding to know I am paying for products that are of better quality, and meeting ethical standards. I think it's very important, especially in today's fashion industry to really take it upon ourselves to support and showcase slow fashion products and labels on the market


Q: Do you party all night or do you adventure all day


Adventure all day!! 


Q: Please tell us your secret to looking so good

Regular exercise and eating lots of healthy foods

Q: Why have you become the brand ambassador for Hunt and Gather Grocer

Because I love all the virtues?? (right word??) their brand and products represent. I'm so thrilled to be supporting something that I feel so strongly about. Not to mention their stylish and can be used for just about anything! 


Q: How do you maintain your beautiful long locks

I use salon quality and vegan friendly products on my hair and stray away from heated hair tools like straighteners and hair dryers


Q: Do you have any plastic free living lifestyle tips

Yes! Always keep a Hunt and Gather Grocer bag handy!

Buy what you need, when you need - this steers you away from using plastic bags etc. to carry.

Buy environment friendly packaged items only!


Q: What is your tip for busy folk on the go 

Definitely keep a diary or a to do list of everything you need to tackle during the day - keep reminders if you have to

Always have a versatile bag handy - Hunt and Gather Grocer bag is perfect for quick change overs from when your hitting the gym to going shopping for your favorite items.]

Q: How do you ensure your skin always looks so fresh and healthy 

Keep a regular and strict skin regime, wear minimal to no makeup where and use vegan friendly products. Drinks heaps of water! - Don't drink water from plastic water bottles! 



Q:What beauty / life secrets have you inherited from your mum

Q: What beauty / life secrets have you inherited from your mum

Treating my hair regularly with coconut oil. There's so many benefits doing this it's been something I've done since I was a kid! 


Q: How do you eat healthy and plastic free when you are on the go

I try to prepare a lot of my lunches and go to snacks at home. I also make sure I'm eating fresh and healthy foods


Q:What is your best beauty tip

Sometimes less is best


Q: What is the most common makeup mistake most woman can make

Not using the right colours for your skin colour or tone


Q: Do you pledge to stop using single use plastic bags


Of course! I have already made a number of lifestyle changes in order to cut down my use of plastic bags completely.  I never by plastic water bottles and i don't use plastic single-use bags


Q: Are you excited out shooting a full lifestyle photo-shoot with Hunt and Gather Grocer and their Photography team

So excited! Can't wait to be able to showcase the amazing products and have the opportunity to be a role model for #banthebag and the Hunt and Gather Grocer Community 


Q: Favourite place to hang out?

It would have to be the Beach, I love the feeling of the sun beaming down on my skin, I love the salty air and the feeling of sand between my toes, I love splashing in the ocean and chasing the waves. I also love reading books! The beach is such a great place to learn and to build on knowledge,  while I'm reading I am also connecting with the environment

Tia Hansen