What does a cow represent?

In Vedic literature, the cow is also a symbol of abundance and fertility as it represents both earth and sky. To Hindus and Buddhists, the symbolism of the cow deals with patience and holiness. It is considered India's most sacred animal. The calm, tender nature of the cow wins this right among the Buddhists.

Cow Skull Bone In your waking life, Flashes, dreams, visions, channel, photographs, synchronicity and represents a culture,  celebration of spiritual Beliefs and truth h and Rituals in variant ways. Or ritualistic spirituality. Or close ties to tribunal history.

When seeing the cow skull bone in our waking lives or otherwise, it is a symbol of protection from harm. Look carefully, as what you fear may be a representation of the unknown.

It is important to stay ‘prayed up’ as further protection from malevolent spirits.

One cannot shield without blocking their own life experiences. Instead ask for will, strength and endurance for all you must face so if you are going through any transitions. Know that you will come out stronger than before.

Wishes may not be in alignment with your actual desires. You may find yourself wondering, why are my thoughts so scattered. It then signs that you are at an opportune time for manifesting and ignoring your abilities to do so.

Focus and direct your desires accordingly. CAREFUL putting out energies for your gain, manipulating as it could recoil.

Prophecy: It’s possible anyone you oppose is quite stronger than what they may seem. It is now time to move on from vengeance or vindications, to get moving along in new directions.

If you find that you are vindictive, know that time will come, and that debt will need to be repaid.

What you put out is also attached to a boomerang, it’s inevitable that it shall get back around. Your giving is an investment, both good and bad.

Psychic Note: The Cow Skull bone can also represent protection from evil in all its forms or the ability to walk through fire and face anything. Therefore, you may have a purpose to do with healing others from the supernatural point of view. The ‘darker’ side of healing. You may find that many opportunities occur for you to provide healing to others. AT or UPON THEIR REQUEST. To help or assist others out of the collective of within you and available to you.

A Healer of ancient works, evils, marks against one’s soul, harmful or oppressive energies for you to heal and expel. The power to intercept + clear others on a spiritual level.

Mark your price or value as this is a calling and purpose. Do not underestimate your worth or yourself and your time. As your work will require much energy and what is necessary, is that you’ll need to set a value boundary so that you can continue doing more good in the world this is a part of your soul mission/purpose.


Christina Scotson