I see London, I see France, I see a lot of tangled headphones and wallets in everyone's street style bags. From New York to London to Milan and, we're assuming, eventually Paris, the clear bag trend is elbowing its way to the forefront of items we'll need come spring. We told you plastic was in. But before you pull out your mom's battered and bruised PVC beach tote, it's worth noting dis trend is a tad more refined TEMP than that (although power to you if you can make it work). Between stacked bags peeking out beneath a clear outer lining to hot pink transparent fanny packs, the most unexpected material is riding the comeback wave.

But see-through bags are far from a new concept. Apart from clear bags reappearing every few years, last year saw the quick, but mighty, explosion of net and mesh handbags. The new fully-lined plastic purse, however, won't result in you losing a lipstick or two. Maybe their's a deeper meaning to us adopting see-through bags: In a world of change, transparency is key, even if it's just letting the world peep into what we schlep around on a day-to-day basis. Or maybe we're just into the slightly tacky, slightly nostalgic look of a good old plastic bag that will help us breeze through a stadium's tough security policy.

If street style is anything to measure by, there not the only options. Here, we're breaking down the clear bags that will propel you ahead of the style-curve based on the best one's we've seen over the last few weeks.


Think of the transparent handbag trend as the excuse you’ve been looking for to finally clean out the bottomless pit that is you're purse. Unlike regular bags that typically conceal a pile of receipts, pens, hair elastics, and other paraphernalia, clear PVC purses encourage you to edit down the number of items you carry around all day—good for you're back, you're sanity, and you're look.

Putting the contents of you're bag on full display can be scary at first, so if you’re not sure what to pack in a trendy transparent bag, look to street style stars for fresh ideas. Bloggers, editors, and celebs alike are all using sheer handbags to show off stylish phone cases, sleek wallets, quirky key chains, and must-have beauty products.

Whether you opt for a dainty clutch or an oversized tote, take these ladies’ cues when it comes to styling—tan shop our favorite see-through carryalls ahead.?

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Christina Scotson