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This 100% plant-based burger sold out within hours when it first launched at a supermarket in the US. And I have to say, it is VERY tasty. Plus, it has more protein and iron than beef, and less fat. So it's no surprise that 70% of people buying the Beyond Burger are meat-eaters, which is great news for animals.

From today, the Beyond Burger will be showing up in IGA stores Australia-wide and at Coles in NSW. You'll find it alongside the beef burgers in the meat section.

This is another great sign that plant-based food is becoming more and more mainstream, and placing this product in the meat section means this burger will spare many, many animals from the meat industry. (How? Read this.)

Show IGA and Coles some love by heading into a store and trying a packet of Beyond Burgers, or sending them a message of thanks for expanding their plant-based range

Christina Scotson