Take part in The Close the Loop Project hosted by H&M where unwanted textiles get a new life. 

H&M Conscious for a more sustainable fashion future. 

Give forward by bringing back 

Each year tons of clothes and textiles end up in landfills, but as much as 95% could be used again. The H&M garment collecting initiative is created to decrease the waste and close the fashion loop. 

They want your old clothes! From any other brand! Including Hunt and Gather Grocer!

In any condition! By reusing and recycling they will get a new life! 

So if you've got something worn, torn or hopelessly out of style don't throw it away! or let it pile up in the back of your wardrobe. 

Bring back all your unwanted clothes to H&M stores. 

You textiles are with H&M usual deliveries to the nearest processing plant. The clothes are then graded and sorted. Zero waste is the goal!

Items that are too worn and torn to be reused will be recycled and turned into raw materials and new products, when re-wear, reuse and recycle are not options, the textiles are used to produce energy. 

For each bag of textiles, your hand in you will receive a voucher with a discount for your next purchase

Christina Scotson