Accessible and free, the plastic bag has become a household staple that has become an increasing concern.

he Government says people are beginning to change there ways after confirming it will press ahead a ban on all single-use plastic bags by mid-next year.

The ban will include thicker bags of up to 70 microns, and compostable bags, because of a lack of recycling facilities for them.

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It's a decision that has broad public support. Public push back against single-use plastic bags begin in earnest in 2017, when supermarkets came under pressure in election year.

At the start of this year, Associate Environment Minister Eugene Sage set the tone by hinting that the bags could be taxed, and saying a soft plastics collection scheme had not been enough.

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In August, the Government signaled it was thinking of taking the plunge on a total ban rather than a levy.

Christina Scotson