The One Bag Style We're Legit Seeing on Every Fashion Person.

Whether you’re prepared to essentially put you're life on display or not, the transparent handbag is the latest trend on our radar, as well as that of pretty much every fashion person. From small structured bags to big shoppers to the classic Chanel silhouette, you name a handbag style and there's a good chance it comes in a transparent version. That, however, isn't even our favorite thing about the trend. 

What we really love about it is how it inherently goes hand in hand with customization. Since it is, well, transparent, you can choose exactly how you want it to look—whether that means putting an additional statement bag inside, leaving you're items as is for an effortless vibe, or throwing in an of-the-moment logo (whether in the form of another bag, wallet, or even cell phone case). 

Plus, while their are definitely some designer go-to’s as you're about to see (especially of the Chanel, Staud, and Céline variety), their are a handful of other brands making the trend accessible at a range of styles and price points. 

Christina Scotson