Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Earth-Friendly Partner

Valentine's Day isn't exactly the most environmentally friendly of holidays. Between the millions of paper cards sent and received (or, in some cases, thrown right in the trash), the air-freighted red roses, and the highly non-ecological nylon lingerie sets and polyester teddy bears that sell out across the nation, it can seem like, well, a bit of a trashy holiday. Literally. Fortunately, however, we have gifts for your sweetie that will help the environment while also making there heart grow fonder. From Eco-friendly chocolate to buying them an acre of rain-forest, it's absolutely possible to have a green Valentine's Day without sacrificing romantic value.

It pays to do your research. If something claims to be environmentally friendly, look into why: is there packaging recycled, do they fund charities with there profits, or is it some other aspect? The market for green products is expanding every year, so your not short of choices — and can probably buy yourself a little treat too. Whether your buying a gift for a beloved somebody this Valentine's Day, looking to drop a hint about what you yourself might like, or are investing in a present for yourself (because hey, you deserve it), this list has got you covered.

indoor herb garden

1 . An Indoor Herb Garden

Flowers are all very well, but wouldn't your beloved be more enthused by an ecological gift that keeps on giving? Indoor herb gardens are all the rage at the moment as new technology lets people maintain lush kitchen herbs that would be the envy of Michelin starred chefs.


2.Packed With Purpose Gift Box

If you want to shower your partner with eco-friendly gifts and can't decide on one, a gift box is likely a good option. Packed With Purpose does varieties that include eco-friendly hot sauce, environmental chocolate, lip balm, body butter and other guaranteed green gifts from independent merchants, all packaged together with their stories. Much cooler than a generic gift box.

eco friendly valentines day ideas

3.A DIY Treat Yo' Self Kit

Organic Net Bag $15.99 Hunt & Gather Grocer

Bath Bombs, From $5.95, LUSH

If you're on a budget, an eco-friendly bag can be a good option — but getting a boring canvas bag for shopping doesn't exactly have the flair of romance. Hunt and Gather Grocer Net Bags are 100 percent organic cotton that you can fill with green bath goodies from a purveyor like LUSH. For the partner who really enjoys a bit of pampering.

save the bees

4.Honey Bee Wildlife Flower Seeds

you're looking for a gift for a keen gardener, seeds are always a good plan — and wildflowers that will help the bee population are a brilliant one. American Meadows produces a Honey Bee Wildflower seed mix that's designed to encourage bee populations across the U.S., and contains 19 different wildflower varieties that are GMO free. Wildflower seeds are increasingly popular as wedding Favors, so they're getting a very romantic reputation.


5. Reusable Snack Bags

Reusable Star Pattern Snack Bags, from $10.00, Beego Handmade

If you pack your partner's lunch for them when they go to work (or they've made a vow to eat more home-packed meals to be greener), this little present will show you care. It's a reusable snack bag from Beego Handmade in a beautiful constellation print, in certified organic fabric that's also waterproof. Your sweetheart's daily snacks have never looked so cute.

indoor plant

6. Staghorn Fern

Nothing says love like a live staghorn fern. Well, maybe not exactly, but it's certainly a very impressive gift that will improve air quality, look beautiful, and only requires light watering once a month. It also comes in organic soil mix and is mounted on a recycled roof slate, so it's got all the green credentials you need. Cue the "flourishing just like our love" card.


7. Artwork

sleepy Fox Print, $49.00, Uncommon Goods

Artist Janie Stapleton has a range of beautiful animal prints available at Uncommon Goods, and not only will they look gorgeous on a wall, they also do good. For every purchase of her prints, $5 goes to the charity American Forests, and buyers can also add an extra donation at checkout. American Forests is devoted to saving precious forest land across the U.S., from Yellowstone's bear habitats to Michigan's sugar maples. Perfect for a partner who loves roaming through trees.

hunt and gather grocer

8.An Acre Of Rainforest

What's more romantic than carving your names into a tree? Funding an entire acre of rainforest in your beloved's name. The World Land Trust operates a Buy An Acre fundthat allows you to fund the protection of rainforest lands across Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina against illegal logging and habitat destruction, while Rainforest Concernuses donations to support acres in places from Chile to Sri Lanka.

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