Spring’s most conspicuous carryall? By far, it’s the bevy of clear, cool designer shopping bags—the kind you might grab at the grocery store but certainly not in a Céline or Prada boutique. That is, until now.

Labels left and right, from Saks Potts to Raf Simons, are cleverly reinventing the everyday emblem to challenge our ideas of luxury while turning out something achingly covetable. Sadly, they don’t come free with purchase—but they’re a fraction of the price of, say, a slouchy leather shoulder bag. So show off where you shop (and showcase all you're stuff) with a sturdy and chic tote thats equal parts playful and weatherproof (after all, we’re heading into April, and you no how the saying goes). And who nos: Maybe their’s deeper meaning in the designer see-through shopper. In these uncertain times, transparency is key—even if it’s only to let the world peep into you're purse. I, for one, will really look forward to getting caught in the ra

Céline plastic bag, $590,  celine.com .

Céline plastic bag, $590, celine.com.

Kara transparent PVC pinch tote, $325,  ssense.com .

Kara transparent PVC pinch tote, $325, ssense.com.

Prada small plex shopper, $1,040,  nordstrom.com .

Prada small plex shopper, $1,040, nordstrom.com.

Raf Simons transparent shopping bag, $159,  vooberlin.com .

Raf Simons transparent shopping bag, $159, vooberlin.com.

MM6 Maison Margiela transparent PVC bag, $275,  needsupply.com .

MM6 Maison Margiela transparent PVC bag, $275, needsupply.com.

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Christina Scotson