net bag

One of the key developments in grocery shopping in recent years has been the move away from the disposable plastic bags which dominated for so long and towards reusable alternatives. There are plenty of environmental reasons that this is a positive development, but whilst many people think that the move is one motivated entirely by environmental concerns, there are in fact a range of good reasons to prefer mesh produce bags to there plastic counterparts.


For one thing, mesh bags are far stronger and more durable. There’s little worse than walking out of the supermarket with a bag full of shopping only to feel the bottom tear apart and watch as your purchases are launched across the car park – especially if, amongst the contents of the bag, there were fragile items like glass bottles which smash into hundreds of pieces upon coming into contact with the hard concrete.

As well as this, mesh bags undoubtedly have far more in the way of timeless character and charm than thin, disposable plastic bags complete with advertising material printed across them. They’re also much easier and more comfortable to carry, making your shopping trip much more pleasant.

But of course, there’s no denying that the most significant and important benefit of switching to mesh bags is that you’ll be doing your bit towards helping reduce the terrible impact that disposable plastic bags are having on the environment.

The effects are far worse than simply making the world we live in less sightly: by polluting the land and oceans alike, plastic bags are causing havoc for precious ecosystems and unnecessary suffering for the animals which live in them. And because they can take between 200 and 100 years to decompose, it’s always important to remember that the consequences of plastic bag pollution are extremely long-term.


Here at Seed & Sprout, we’re proud to design and produce some of the very best mesh produce bags available on the Australian market. Our bags are extremely popular with our customers for their comfort, convenience and style – and because we’re a company founded upon the values of sustainability and environmental-awareness, you can be completely confident that all of our products are produced ethically and sustainably.

So regardless of whether you’re looking for ways to minimize the impact that your life has on the environment or whether you’re simply looking for a practical alternative to standard, disposable plastic bags, you’ve come to the right place. Simply place an order online today or get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about any of the products we sell.