We compete in everything we do.
In the community.
Being the most competitive small business.


Work Ethic:

Leader in the community.
Nobody can outwork us.
It’s about investment.
We take every opportunity.


Positive Attitude:

We are appreciative of our opportunities, waking up every morning with a positive attitude.  We wake up in the morning doing a front handspring out of bed, ready to attack the day with everything we've got.

Our attitude is something we can control; we work on controlling the controllable.  We care about all people and care about educating people in our morals and hope they will share our views on the importance of reducing plastic waste. #banthebag




Go to bed to get our sleep.
We make healthy eating choices.
We make decisions every single day so that we can achieve the success we want.



Hunt and Gather Grocer™ is a company based on environmental justice that supports the necessary transformation the community for the benefit of all and the planet as a whole.  We are a caring culture of people riding Spaceship Earth.

We realize that social threats to environmental wellbeing are part of the same problem.  We understand that nobody can resolve the crisis of plastic bags ending up in landfills, creeks, rivers, and oceans without building a relationship with nature and the natural world.

We believe that a sustainable society guarantees the long-term future of humanity and other species.

We build on personal relationships with our community.

To ensure our practice is ethical and rich with communication, we work and connect with our manufacturing team on a first-name basis; it is of the utmost importance.

We tell everyone we work with that we love and care about them. We treat our customers and stakeholders the same way we treat our families.

Everything we do is about nurturing healthy and positive relationships within our organisation and empowering and building on the relationship aspect of our business.



Collective Mentality: 

We inspired individuals. We strive to connect with people who see and recognize the passion in what we are doing and where we are going.

We triumph change in our society with our ECO friendly bag.

We use a range of approaches, including lifestyle changes, to help effect movement, offering those plans do not conflict with our other core attitudes.

We create a culture within our community so that everybody is all working together. We are all singing to the same tune and pulling the rope in the same direction.