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Hunt & Gather Grocer

Introduces H&GG the Label. H&GG is a Luxury Ethical, Sustainable Label

No Ivory or Shells are used. We use vegan plant based plastic called acetate which is made from natural cotton and wood fibers. Our beautiful luxury Eco friendly hair clips are all safe and hypoallergenic.

A killer Wardrobe without Killing Animals or the Planet

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Hunt & Gather Grocer

Introduces H&GG the Label

The very first Vegan Luxury Hair Barrettes, Hair Clips and Hair Slides. Shop the 90’s Hair Clip Trend. Our Hair Clips are Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Respect Your Mother Earth

clear tote

Premium Reusable cotton bags for the conscious individual.

Stylish, Biodegradable, 100% Cotton Shopping Bags. The net bag is back on trend for Summer 2019.

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clear tote

Clear Vinyl Tote Made from 100% Up-cycled post consumer plastic

It’s our passion at Hunt & Gather Grocer to provide stylish, luxury sustainable alternatives to the worst offending single-use plastics. Through the Hunt & Gather Grocer community we hope to educate and inspire bohemian beauties to live a life that is kinder to our environment.

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Hunt & Gather Grocer have you're summer accessories sorted with their Clear Eco Friendly Bag.

Thinking of innovative ways to reduce waste in your life doesn’t have to be a chore, we have come up with a creative solution with our new clear Eco friend tote bag.


Designer, See-Through, PVC Bag

Candy Jelly Beach Bag, Tote Shopping Bag, Stadium approved bag, PVC tote, Clear shopping bag, Clear Beach tote.

Clear bag

Transparent Bag

Plastic Pollution is rising to mainstream in 2019 and incited lots of positive change. Such as Hunt and Gather Grocer creating an amazing products and the incentive and opportunity for you to recycle your plastic is increasingly easier. Our PVC tote is made from 100% recycled material. Our clear handbag is Eco friendly and reusable.

Clear tote
clear tote

Clear Mind Tote

PVC Large Clear Shopper, PVC Shoulder Transparent Bag, Summer Beach Tote, Sheer Tote, PVC Handbag.

The Crystal Clear tote is suitable to carry a maximum load of 5 kilograms. The Crystal Clear tote it is designed to be an elegant statement tote bag. We recommend using it to carrying light loads, and smaller items, wallet, phone and key etc.


The Classic Tote Just Got The Crystal Clear Treatment

PVC Bag, Clear Tote, Clear Bag, See-Through Bag, Vinyl Bag, Transparent Bag, Transparent Tote

Net Bag
Net bag

Yellow Organic Cotton Net Bag!

You do not need to go grocery shopping especially, You can use this net bag as a cute accessory. The Luxury Long Handle Cotton String Bag adds a cute pop of colour to any outfit! Pop it in your everyday handbag and shop at your convenience! Use this Eco-friendly and stretchable bag to store and carry your stuff to the beach, market. This bag is long, comfy, lightweight for your convenience. It comes in two styles!


White Organic Cotton Net Bag!

A lightweight bag with a long handle to carry your everyday essentials and groceries. Lightweight and compact bag store away easily for travel and on-the-go. Expands and stretches to carry your shopping.

net bag

Pretty Pink Net Bag

Has probably floated across your Instagram feed as an artfully composed image of a net bag, an international edition of Vogue slipped inside along with citrus fruit. Instagram Influences can’t get enough of this cute tote and unlike many a trend that takes root among It girls and influencer’s, it's surprisingly affordable:


Stylish,Cotton, String Bag.

Now that summer’s here, Instagramers and bloggers have packed their stylish Hunt and Gather Grocer, string bags and headed for warmer climes.

Yep, net bags are officially back on the fashion map. They’re no doubt giving you all the bohemian feels.



Hunt & Gather cotton bag, because it's safer for the Planet. W

ithout compromising on performance.

The Net Bag, Mesh Net Bag, Fishnet Bag and String shopper Net Bag, Street Style Net Bag, Cotton String Bags Australia

Net Bag

Say No To Single-Use Plastic.

You've been tricked into harming the planet by every giant supermarket you've ever visited.

It's a Tote Net Bag, Fashion Net Bag, Street Net Bag, Library Net Bag, Cotton Bag and, a Sustainable Bag, Organic Shopping Bag


Plant Based Material.

Get the plastic free ocean you want. We'll show you how.

It's Your Farmers Market Net Bag, Produce Net Bag and a Shopping Net Bag. Organic cotton. Net string bag. Reusable Shopping Bag, Environmentally Friendly Bag

Net Bag

Organic Cotton Net Bag to carry those heavy duty shopping loads.

Say goodbye to plastic bags with the Hunt and Gather Grocer Boho shopping tote. Folds up into a small, convenient pouch making it easy to bring with you at all times.

net bag

We, Deliver babes worldwide with organic cotton, luxury designer bags, and the zero waste lifestyle.

Own your new Grocery Shopping Net Bag, Everyday Net Bag, Daily Essential Net Bag and, an Insta worthy Net Bag. Summer Essential Net Bag, Instagram Net Bag

The Hunt & Gather Grocer Mesh Tote was so wildly popular. She handles the groceries like a machine.

But she does so much more. Beach, lunch, work - you'll find she's always got your back.

Net Bag

The World Needs You! Let's Turn Back Time.

Thanks, for visiting Hunt & Gather. Have a Good One Mate.

Own your new Yoga Net Bag, Sports Net Bag, Gym Net Bag and a Beach Net Bag, Mesh Net bag, Market Net Bag, Eco-Friendly Bag, Eco String Bag, Fresh Produce Bags.

net bag

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