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Our Mission -  Hunt & Gather Grocer™


Mission Statement:

Australian Owned Company

Our mission is to improve on existing systems or practices when it comes to visiting the supermarket with our sustainable, Eco friendly grocery bags. We will work together to stay relevant in tomorrow's world. Only through a culture of bohemian environmentally conscious folk can we maximize our love for the planet. It is our responsibility to address the existing problem of too many plastic bags ending up in landfills and in our oceans, rivers, and creeks. Our goal is to provide solutions continually. It is our business to pursue ethical benefits to meet our customers' need.

Our 100% cotton environmentally friendly bags,  globally enhance our ability to improve on what we do and to differentiate. Our challenge is to collaboratively build our small business, to set us apart from the competition. We will strive to take the collocational route. In 2017, since it's founding, the business Hunt and Gather Grocer™ has never borrowed capital from any bank, choosing to fund every development from its returns.

We know – no industry jargon. We understand that our Hunt and Gather tribe wants and appreciates straight talk.

Attractive grocery bags (for bohemian buyers)
No plastic (reusable bags)
Carryall bags (literally)
Heavy duty bags (for the walkers and wanderers)




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