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Australia’s Most Reliable, Flexible and Light Weight Sustainable Net Bags 

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100% Organic Cotton

Grocery Bags Don't Cost the Earth: 

Biodegradable - 100%  Organic-100%  Sustainability-100% 

Hunt and Gather Grocer's 100% organic cotton bags are naturally biodegradable, returning to Mother Earth at the end of use. We use organic cotton because it is the most biodegradable fabric in today's world. Hunt and Gatherer Grocer's 100% cotton, organic-net bags decompose into compost. Hunt and Gatherer Grocer's natural bags biodegrade within as fast as a week, but it usually takes about two-five months.

When you buy our net bags, you can sleep well with the knowledge that, together, we are doing our part to reduce climate change. Our net bags also reduce landfill waste, thus also reducing human impact on the environment. Our bags are printed with the use of vegetable-based inks. Our bags eliminate harmful effects on the environment. Hunt and Gather Grocer's business blueprint is green, when you buy our bag you worship the ground you walk on. 

Our net bags reflect the genuine value and are relevant to like-minded people.  We intend to recuse the world's carbon footprint one bag at a time.

We make people's lives better by providing a sustainable net shopping bag. We care about each other; we make it our goal to make the environment and communities around us a better place to live.

We equip you bags that allows you to make a difference in the world.
We are increasing awareness in society and you are helping us do that.


Australian Owned:

Hunt and Gather Grocer is an Australian-owned business, based on the Gold Coast, with an ecological consciousness and environmental performance. 

We are the first choice in the supply of beautiful, Stylish Bohemian, high quality, Eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable 100% organic cotton net bags for grocery shopping and farmers' markets. 

We provide a natural, earth-friendly, and unconventional option to plastic bags. Be one with nature. Go green with the small Australian company that is changing how people visit the supermarket. 

Our high-quality, fashionable, hippy style range of biodegradable, 100% cotton string shopping bags, under the ‘Hunt & Gather Grocer' label, provides gorgeous bags of the highest quality to like-minded folks around the globe. All of our bags net bags are Eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are the natural green options that are available for online purchase today.


Ethical Practice, Fair Trade:

Hunt and Gather Grocer ensures that the business principal operations are of the highest ethical and social standards. We are open to new ideas from our customers and stakeholders. We explore ways to grow our business and make it better. We put safety first. Our suppliers provide safe environmentally friendly bags. We care about our supplier and our customers. Ethics, a broad sense of family, and social responsibility are at the core of Hunt and Gather Grocer, and are the core values instilled by Christina when she founded the small business. We make accurate judgments at every turn, not only because it's the right thing to do, but because it's the best way to do business.

  • No child labors.

  • No focused labors.

  • Minimum wage.

  • Fair working hours.

  • Rules to trade.

  • No animal cruelty.

  • Plant-based material.

  • PETA approved vegan.

  • 100% organic cotton.

  • Zero plastic used for postage & packaging.

  • Gift wrapping is included with every order.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.